Saturday, 11 October 2014

Salmon running the Pots Photo by Ronnie Battenberg Goodwin -- National Geographic Your Shot

Salmon running the Pots Photo by Ronnie Battenberg Goodwin -- National Geographic Your Shot

My Salmon Running the Pots image is currently trending on the National Geographic web site 

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

'FLY a Legacy' is now available

'FLY a Legacy', was released on tour with the Fly Fishing Film Tour in 2012, it screened at 110 cinemas accross the United States, bringing memories of childhood experiences back to all the fly fishing audiences that viewed it, and at the end of that year, the little film qualified for the 2013 Oscars, it never made the short list, however I am the proudest man to have had that amazing experience.

Today I was informed that 'FLY a Legacy' is available to buy at Amazon and iTunes, and should you want to own a copy for your collection, here are the links

'FLY a Legacy' at Amazon

'FLY a Legacy' on iTunes

More updates and films to come in 2014

'Shooter' is also still working well, it is entered into the Sundance London film competition, and needs the support of all those following, you can register here
 Support Shooter at the Sundance London Film Competition

'KING' my one minute film featuring Paul Hunter, and also help from David Clements, is also doing very well, with 5 festival wins under it's wee belt already. and acceptance into the Sony PROduction awards, it is very exciting for the little film. To help vote for KING, please go here

Thanks to ShortsTV and all of you for the amazing support :)

Monday, 4 November 2013


Whilst I have been creating my short films, I have always had a fascination with water, and a few months ago, I shot a piece for one of my films as a poster. I fell in love with the images the camera can capture of moving water, that the eye cannot see, so 'Emerger' was conceived. If you visit the Gallery tab on this page you can flip through the collection, and if you want a high resolution copy or copies, drop me an email  "subject 'Emerger' please", and would love to hear your thoughts on them

Meanwhile, I am on another project, which sadly, I can't talk about at the moment, but believe me it is very exciting. Meanwhile I have delayed 'Big Sky' for the time being, and I will post news as soon as I know more.

News from the last few months:
Our Academy Qualifying short film 'FLY a Legacy' is now available to buy on iTunes, and should you want to download it please go here and follow the 'View in iTunes' link FLY a Legacy on iTunes

'KING' our 1 minute short film, with Paul Hunter, is in the final of the RenderYard film festival, see KING
The sequence that the 'Emerger' poster was extracted from can be seen in this short film EMERGER

Friday, 29 March 2013

looking forward

The last year has been very testing, full of little jewels of achievements for my films. I guess the only way I can explain it is 'a memorable trip, that I don't think I will ever experience again', however, the goals that I reached with them, are reachable, and I always think to myself,  'if I had a reasonable budget behind the next project, then maybe I could get that little bit further?. 
So this last few months have been focused on developing the new film 'Big Sky', script is drafted, a great Director of Photography has been found, all the assets for the film are in place, and a cunning plan to get a short version of the film seen, has been hatched. The poster is looking pretty good too

So now it is a bit of a waiting game, the weather broke long enough for Tom Dobbie, my DOP and friend, to go out into the wilds, and test the camera and his knowledge, I wrote a small script, and we set out to film the piece in as high a resolution as possible, testing both equipment and software. The short film we created is called 'Second Wind', and can be watched by clicking on the poster below

So even although a lot has happened, it is still looking bleak, this recession is making it very hard to make a living, lack of funding and even the film funders are reluctant to invest, truly sad days, and I wish they were over,,,that's all for now,,, looking forward.

Monday, 17 September 2012

'FLY a Legacy' makes the Long List at the Academy Awards 2013

Normally I write quite frequent blogs about the journey's of my short films, but the last few months have been spent working on pushing the films further, so not a lot has been said on this site, however I am now able to talk about there developments and very exciting they are.

2013 Academy Award qualifiers on IMDB

Since 'FLY a Legacy' screened with the F3t, the Cannes Film Festival and ScreenHi, things have moved to a higher plane. I signed with Shorts International in July, to distribute the film, having built a good relationship with them, as they also distribute 'Shooter'.

On Friday 7th of September 2012, I received an email from Linda Olszewski, she is vice president of global acquisitions at Shorts International. She asked me if I could have a DCP (Digital Cinema Packet) of the film made, as she had a slot for the film to screen. So I had to very quickly find someone with the knowledge to make the film into a DCP. Firstly I thought, OK, maybe I could study the process and do it myself, then as I started the research, I find that it is a very complicated and time consuming process, and I didn't have any time to do the study, and especially, make the mistakes that come with this kind of undertaking. That's where I found Darren Eggenschwiler of Production Attic, (a real top bloke, he and his team), he had published a blog on his site about creating DCP's, and first thing on Monday morning he had the file on his machine, and by Wednesday afternoon, we had a DCP on a hard drive and in a Fedex plane to LAX.

This morning I received this

Dear Ronnie
Congratulations on this unique opportunity to be part of ShortsHD At The Movies Academy qualifying screenings - launching this Tuesday at the Manns Chinese 6 Theaters at 6801 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, CA for three consecutive days – September 18, 19, 20.  Tickets can be bought at the door or at the link below:

Three programs of fantastic short films will screen twice daily. Please spread the word to your fans! 


Live action
Lunch Date
Live action
Rom com
Being Bradford Dillman
Kubla Khan
Lost and Found
The Wind Girl
Sea Meadow
Live action
Live action
Fly - A Legacy
Live action

So 'FLY a Legacy' is now eligible for Academy qualifying, now that is something to write home about.

Featured in the November 2012 issue of Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Magazine

PS, the happiest guy 

Friday, 13 July 2012

Meeting Colin Salmon

There has been a lot of time past, since I wrote my last blog spot. However a lot of ground work has been covered, and a couple of opportunities that have germinated from seeds planted a long time ago.

About a month ago, I got a call from  my good friend Andy Isaac, we met 3 years ago at the Cannes Film Festival, when Shooter was screening. His call was strait to the point, can you be in Oban to record a short sequence for a friend of mine, his name is Colin Salmon, and he is doing some work to promote Cage Cricket at the sports centre in Oban, I said, I can be there with my kit and an umbrella:)

On arrival in Oban, I met up with Colin, he was sitting with a friend having a coffee, and as I introduced myself he stood up and towered above me, his awesome voice introduced himself, and all I could say was, Man, you are huge, and your voice is awesome:)))) he he, ice was broken and on with the film. Since then, he has kept in touch and given me great feedback on the short films that I have produced, with nothing but positive comments and praise, should you read this Colin, thanks for taking the time to feedback in such a positive way, makes everything worthwhile.

Click on Colin Salmon's picture to see his very impressive resume on IMDB, and be sure to look out for him in the new movie 'Resident Evil: Retribution'

This morning, I packaged and signed the contract for 'FLY a Legacy' sponsored by ORVIS  The little film will be in the care of Short International for the next 7 years. Thanks go out to Lesya Hearst, who wrote a terrific review on FLY a Legacy, read it here Eternity of Dreams film review site

I made a little film called KING, last November, designed to fit a series of festivals dedicated to 1 minute films. It was such a pleasure to make this little film with my good friend Paul Hunter, and David Clements was there to practice his still photography, great job to both of you, and congratulations, as KING is in Official Selection at the Aarau 1 Minute Film Festival in Switzerland, August 16th-19th 2012. Good job boys:)
Link to Aarau Festival Catalogue

Basil Khalil, a great friend, who I created 'Replay Revenge' with a few years ago, was up for a visit with his young brother, we had planned to shoot another short film during his visit, but our Scottish summer soon put an end to about 1 months planning, rain, rain, and more rain. And like I said once before, 'I love summer in Scotland, It is probably the best day of the year':)  

More to come soon...

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Politely mugged in Cannes

The opportunity to screen my latest short film 'FLY a Legacy', was yet another great moment in my life.

The down side to the experience:

 The fact that, should you have a film screening at the most prestigious film festival on the planet, you are having to pay exorbitant prices for everything, particularly food and accommodation, makes the experience a little disappointing. However, as it is probably one of the only places on Earth that you can meet, face to face, the people who can move you forward, and if that means you have to pay through the nose just to eat, then, that is how it is.

When you pick up your accreditation, part of your gift pack is a bag, to carry the festival catalogues and other paper goods that are gifted you on arrival. This years bag, was shiny black with Cannes 65, printed in gold, a  nice piece of memorabilia. However on my second night there, I heard someone shout my name as I returned to my apartment, I paid no attention, as I thought they were shouting on someone else. and as I shut the apartment door behind me, the door knocked. I opened the door and a man dressed in black security gear, smiled and greeted me, I said 'Hi, can I help you?' he replied, Mr Ronnie, I see you are a film director, you know Robert De Nero? he grinned, I replied, 'No sir, I am just here screening my film', he the asked me if I had received my black bag with Cannes 65 on it, and 'could he have it', as you are a director, you could just get another one. I was a little shocked at this, all happening on my door step, and even more at the brash way in which this guy just came up to me and asked for the bag. I told him he could not have the bag as it was special to me, he continued to ask me for the bag, still smiling and complementing me on my achievements. After about 4 mins of him continually asking for the bag, and offering me drinks, I finally decided to give him the bag, and get him out of my space, probably as I was expecting him to turn nasty at some point. He thanked me, reached out, grabbed my shoulders, and pulled me towards him, giving me two kisses, one on each cheek, again I was a little shocked, and very quickly shut the door on him. After about 10 minutes, I thought to myself, 'Shit, I have just been 'Politely Mugged', ha' :)

The up side to the experience:

Great to spend some time with my good friend Basil Khalil and brain storm some story ideas for when we return. Meeting Mode Steinkjer, a reporter from Norway, we connected through Twitter, and met for the first time at Cannes, top bloke. And spending some valuable time with Linda O, Olszewski, from Shorts International. It was a pleasure to spend some time with her, and learn a little about her life in the world of short films.

During the festival, there were a number of seminars and talks, one of which I had to attend as John Boorman, director of films such as 'Point Blank', Deliverance, 'The Emerald Forest'. To listen to his stories and answer questions on his memories of creating these films was probably one of the highlights of the trip. And to shake hands with him at the end of the seminar was an added bonus, as he smiled at me and thanked me for giving him the screener DVD of my recent works. He was there with his daughter Katrine Boorman, to attend the screening of her documentary , 'Me and my Dad'.

 The other seminars I attended, were pretty much the same old, same old, however, the connections made, I hope will all bear fruits in the future, and definitely an experience that I will hope to endure again.

I f you want to see more picture of the Cannes 2012 trip, friend me on FaceBook here and find out about Roy and his exploits at the worlds most prestigious film festival:)
More to come soon